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"Once seen as a tech powerhouse, Japan has in recent years lagged in the global wave of digital transformation because of a deep resistance to change.

For instance, workplaces have continued to favour fax machines over emails - earlier plans to remove these machines from government offices were scrapped because of pushback."

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🍜 Japan's government finally says goodbye to floppy disks

"Currently, the authorship feature requires you to use the web version of Mastodon or its official app and have a account or be on a server running recent nightly releases. However, the new feature is part of the Mastodon API, so it shouldn’t be long before third-party apps begin supporting it, too."


🍜 Highlighting Journalism on Mastodon - MacStories

"When you want to create something, you need to get bored. You need to let your thoughts mingle with each other and discover a new perspective on the problem. Creation requires empty space and time."

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🍜 Get Bored!

"Although Japan has become more LGBTQ-friendly in the last decade, it remains the only G7 country not to give legal recognition to same-sex marriages or offer legal protection against discrimination."

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🍜 Tokyo Marathon 2025 To Include Nonbinary and Disabled People - Unseen Japan

"It's one of those tools that might not look like much from screenshots or a quick "dip" into it but it is actually quite flexible and powerful if you take the time to play a little. I'm loving that aspect of it."


| 🍜 Crafting My BearBlog | NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST |

"The human, after drinking liquids, must pee. So if you're about to go somewhere where peeing is impossible, maybe don't drink a lot of liquids."

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🍜 Obvious travel advice

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